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My early years:

I was born in 1951 so I suppose that makes me one of the post-war ‘Baby Boomers’!

My first School was Blackfield Infants School which I joined a day or so before my 5th birthday. The main school building was the old Golf Club House as can be witnessed today with the Golf styled weather vane. This building is now residential. There were some single storey classrooms out the back of the ‘Golf Club House’. I believe my first teacher was Mrs Pickering but it is a long time ago and memories fade…

I was at Blackfield School for four terms before there was a reorganisation and, as we lived north of the Kennels Junction I had to move to Badminston School.

I spent the remaining two terms (of that school year) in the middle classroom before moving on to Mrs Hooker’s class. I did a year in Mrs Hooker’s class before the authorities decided that I had initially joined Blackfield School a year earlier than I should. So I had to spend a second year in Mrs Hooker’s class repeating all that I had done in the year before. I believe that this move severely upset my education. I had been an avid learner but this ‘second time around’ ruined pretty much everything for me.

The next school was Fawley School.

Fawley School 1960.jpg

If you click on the photo you can download the hi-res version.

Back Row L-R: Hazel Willis, Lois Wallbridge, Christine Poupard, Chris Lowe, Anthony Furbank, Peter Chadwick, Fay Payne, Pam Stickland.

Middle Row L-R: David Wyatt, Alan Smedley, Melvin Picton,  Stephen Hawkes, Malcolm Poore, Colin North, Belinda Brindley, Unknown.

Next Row L-R: Mary Dewey, Carol Broomfield, Unknown, Unknown, Jane Rose, Teresa Bowles, Pat Berrow, Mary Christian.

Front Row L-R: Martin Butler, Martin Todd, Betsy Hardwick, Mary Burke, Alan Cobb & Adrian Gardner

The photo above was taken in the summer of 1960, probably by Mr Bowen, our class teacher’s husband.

If anyone can fill in the blank names please contact me, it would be nice to have a complete list.

The teacher names I can remember are:

Mrs Bowen - Year 1, then a temp Mrs Ponder? (who celebrated the Jewish religion and explained some of it to us) then Mr Berlusconi

Mr Quibell - Year 2

Miss Forman - Year 3

Mr Burley - Year 4

With Mr Fielder, Miss Strudwick and Mrs Robinson taking other classes.

The Headmaster was Mr William Charles Liddell and his Secretary was Mrs Richardson.

Hardley School

We watched the new part of the school being built

The PTA raised thousands of pounds for the new swimming pool. It was outside, cold and pretty much unused! Sad.

Enjoyed doing sound and lighting for many of the stage productions

Got a small collection of ‘O’ Levels and the new CSEs

When I left Hardley School in the summer of 1968 I went to study to be a Radio Officer at the Southampton College of Technology at East Park Terrace in Southampton. The next part of the story can be found under the pages ‘RO’

Work in progress…