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I have called this page my CV. It mainly focuses on my brief career as a Radio Officer in the Merchant Navy

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1951 – A good year for me!

1959 – Start playing with old radios, mainly old broadcast items.

1962 – Christmas, given an ‘Electronics Engineer’ kit – a board with holes, springs and components. A chance to makeup lots of different circuits using early PNP transistors AF116, AC127/8 etc.

1963 – Start taking Practical Electronics, then Practical Wireless.

1966 – Fail Radio Amateur’s Exam after home tuition from Ray Palmer G3YJJ. Not deterred, decide that I want a job as a Radio Office on a merchant ship.

1968 – Join Southampton Institute of Technology (7th Floor) and start to get the Certificate of Competency to operate a ship’s radio station, coupled with a Radar certificate.

1970 – Join Marconi Marine in Southampton. Wait for first ship. As a novice radio operator you had to be accompanied by a senior radio office for the first six-months to learn the ropes.

28th August 1970 – Joined Benkitlan in KG5 – London

5th January 1971 – Leave Benkitlan in London

30th January 1971 – I was called by Marconi to pack immediately and head for London. A large wad of £ notes passed to the Liberian Embassy in return for a fast track VISA for Liberia. Next morning catch plane from Heathrow to Zurich, Abidjan and Monrovia arriving about midnight as ship slips moorings

31st January 1971 – Joined Cluden. (register name Audio Enterprises & start trading on a small scale)

26th May 1971 – Leave Cluden in Falmouth Dry dock and head home on the train.

21st June 1971 – Join Cotswold in Amsterdam dry dock.

2nd February 1972 – Leave Cotswold in Kawasaki

14th April 1972 – Fly to Nairobi then on to Mombasa (in a Fokker Friendship – wonderful view of Kilimanjaro!) to join Pinebank.

17th June 1972 – Leave Pinebank in Mombasa and return to Heathrow via Nairobi.

12th August 1972 – Join Antrim in Newcastle.

11th September 1972 – Leave Antrim in Immingham.

27th September 1972 – Join Athelchief in Liverpool

26th June 1973 – Leave Athelchief somewhere in the UK – Immingham, Newcastle??

July 1973 – Join Racal-Thermionic in Hythe as an electronics test engineer

1974 – Pass Radio Amateur’s Exam and Morse test – get G4GBP

December 1980 – Leave Racal-Thermionic.

January 1981 – Village shop in Hale

October 1985 – Sell shop in Hale

November 1985 – Back to Racal-Thermionic, now Racal Recorders

Increase activity in Audio Enterprises

August 1994 – Leave Racal Recorders and work full time for my own company, Audio Enterprises

April 2008 – Resurrect G4GBP and start practising Morse Code!

April 2014 – retire from Audio Enterprises computer business

And that pretty much brings us up to the Present Day

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