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I have many old books in my collection. Most of them have been out of print for many years. I will attempt to digitise them as time allows.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If I have put a book on here that belongs to you and you wish to have it remove, please contact me and I will remove it immediately.

This is a small booklet entitled ‘Fawley Official Guide’. I do not know when it was published but post dates the arrival of the railway in 1925. Some interesting telephone numbers - The Falcon Hotel was Fawley 5, F J Giles High Class Draper and Gent’s Outfitter was Fawley 39 and H S Edwards & Sons, Family Bakers, Grocers & provision merchants were Fawley 26.

The PDF file can be found HERE - be warned it is a 14MB download as I always scan at a relatively high definition.

Fawley Official Guide 

This is a small book about the RAF Calshot Railway, written in 1963 by F W Cooper who was a friend of mine as can be seen on the inside page.

The PDF file can be found HERE - be warned it is a 52MB download as I always scan at a relatively high definition.

RAF Calshot Railway 

Here we have an OCR’d document which I found when rummaging through my late Father’s papers. It may be of interest to some of you. It details the life of the Railway from Totton to Fawley.

This file in only 189k so is small relative to the others.

Totton to Fawley Railway 

Here are some more OCR’d documents all written in the mid 1970’s under the umbrella of the Fawley & District Local History Group. This group used to meet at the Fawley & District Community Centre in Blackfield

Waterside Churches   Waterside Place Names  Waterside Travel & Trade  Wings over the Waterside 

Waterside Place Names and how they have changed.

Waterside Churches

Waterside Travel & Trade over the centuries

All about the aircraft that have a strong connection with the Waterside area written by Godfrey Blay in 1977. I have been informed that sadly, Godfrey passed away in December 2017.

Colin van Geffen presents many interesting and varied talks on a wide range of subjects a number of which give a lot more information than in the above articles. Please visit his web-site at:

Mulberry Harbour 

A pictorial publication showing a lot of detail about the Mulberry Harbour system. We know that sections of the Mulberry Harbour were built at Lepe Beach.