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Audio Enterprises

Audio Enterprises was actually born whilst I was serving as a Radio Officer aboard ‘Cluden’ in the spring of 1971.

Initially set up to work alongside my audio endeavours which at the time included support for emerging musical performers and bands. Services included Public Address, Sound/Studio recording and repairs to musical stage equipment.

Once an established trading names and bank accounts are set up it is much easier to carry on trading in that name and style and that has continued until very recently.

Early equipment repairs included Vox, Fender and Marshall amplifiers. Wem Copy-Cat tape loop echo machines and a variety of foot pedals and recording equipment. I still have (awaiting restoration) a Vox AC30 super twin, a Linear Concord 30, a Ferrograph 5, a couple of 6’s and a 7 tape recorders and a Revox B77. Whether I will ever have the time to look at these is questionable.

I have all the measuring and test equipment to hand for troubleshooting the above items, oscilloscopes, signal generators, frequency counters, voltmeters etc.

During my time at the Shop (see the page ‘The Shop’ for more details) pretty much all of the electronics was put on hold as the shop was absolutely a full-time job.

Once back in employment in November 1985 I was able to muster the mental and physical energy to kick Audio Enterprises back into life. By then technology had moved on and computers had become more mainstream in my life. I had purchased a computer and software to enable me to design printed circuit boards and did this on a sub-contract basis from about 1986-2005 when jobs of this time become less economical for me to tender.

Audio Enterprises also dealt in the field of building test-boxes for the electronics industry. Racal-Recorders was a very good customer along with IBA, Technophone (later Nokia) and many more. Indeed the Technophone job was for a fully automated piece of test equipment for the testing of batches of 250 mobile phone batteries in one hit. Technophone were so pleased with the ATE that they immediately ordered a second.

Gradually Audio Enterprises moved towards mainstream PCs and all that went with them. We were selling PCs to all the small businesses in an area encompassing Salisbury, Bournemouth and Southampton. We became area dealers for Kolvox speech recognition software. When Kolvox sold up we moved on the Dragon Naturally-Speaking and were the area dealers for the South Central part of the UK including London. We did a number of exhibitions and shows, running demonstrations (by invitation to local businesses) on S.S. Shieldhall in Southampton Docks, in a hotel in Bournemouth and at a Football Ground on the Isle of Wight.

We set up many small businesses with all their computing needs, registered domain names for them, set up email, broadband, servers and did all the required cabling. We supplied everything that a small business needed.

By 2007 we were in charge of about 50 large file-servers including a School, a Hospital, many Estate Agents, Solicitors and Accountants. Our largest single customer was about 90 users. We had several in the region of 40-75 users and loads of smaller customers from 3-40 users. This was a high pressure, very immediate service job and sometimes was a bit hard to keep going. In late 2009 I bought a small canal boat and managed to escape the ever-insistent telephone bells for a few weekends a year.

In 2014 the lad who worked for me asked if he could take over the business, he took on and I walked away slowly ramped down my activities and have enjoyed a quieter life since.

Work in progress…